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“Tom Morin brings big comic energy as Lucio, a young man with an unfortunate habit of unknowingly speaking ill of the Duke right to his face.

- Lore Croghan | The Brooklyn Eagle

The Liar by David Ives | Centenary Stage Company

“Tom Morin brings a youthful enthusiasm and delight to the role of Cliton. His performance conveys a delight with his words that radiates throughout the audience."

- Bob Rendell | Talkin' Broadway

Vilna by Ira Fuchs | Theatre at St. Clement's

“A compelling cast, with not a weak link in it, turns in deeply affecting performances throughout the course of the story...Brian Cade, Tom Morin, James Michael Reilly, and Patrick Toon, all capturing the essence of their characters and lending fine support to the unfolding of the narrative."

- Deb Miller | DC Metro

“Tom Morin presents quite a poignant turn as Pietr. First seen as a young, uneducated boy, he goes from helpless victim to conqueror and back again."

- Judd Hollander | The Epoch Times

“Vilna is brimming with colorful characters, some sympathetic, some not and some changing as circumstances change, most based on real people...Pietr, a friend of Motke, played with increasing sympathy by Tom Morin, begins as a simple worker delivering coal and winds up showing some spine.

- Joel Benhamin | TheaterScene.Net

Measure for Measure | New York Classical Theatre

"Morin is delightful as the poor Cliton, a young man seeking work who is plagued with a serious shortcoming of sorts – he cannot tell a lie, at all, ever. Morin has great stage presence, physicality, timing and facial expression. He is very fun to watch as he romps around the stage trying to serve his new master Dorante..."

- Janine M. Torsiello | Morris Beats

“Pure zany fun starting with the opening remarks to the audience by actor Tom Morin. Morin, seen last season as the cripple in the 'Cripple of Inishmaan,' has a fine comedy turn as the enterprising servant for hire Cliton, the lead jester of the play."

- Rick Buscliglio | NY Examiner

“Tom Morin (who dazzled Centenary audiences last year in the title role of The Cripple of Inishmaan) is superb as Cliton.”

- Sheila Abrams | NJ Arts

The Cripple of Inishmaan by Martin McDonagh | Centenary Stage Company

“Tom Morin is exquisite as Cripple Billy. He twists himself into a pathetic yet sympathetic character, taking on the shape of an outwardly damaged physicality and also embodying the inner damage that his body’s disabilities and his hard life have imbued in Billy. Morin spits and staggers and limps and drags himself along the stage in an excruciating dance of pain and emotion...he is simply perfect in all the turns and shades of this character."

- Janine M. Torsiello | Morris Beats

“As Billy, Morin has the greatest challenge. He not only has to convey the character’s physical ailments, but also must range from melodramatic monologue to casual observation. The actor easily meets these requirements, but more memorably, he affectingly conveys the wistful, melancholy side to Billy — the boy who knows he has just a slim chance for happiness, but strives for more."

- Ronni Reich | The Star Ledger

“..truly outstanding."

- Rick Buscliglio | NY Examiner

“As Billy, Tom Morin managed to transcend the broad comedy around him, eliciting pathos without sloppy sentimentality. And his physical struggle, moving as a handicapped man, was startlingly and painfully convincing."

- Sheila Abrams | NJ Arts

Anything Goes!  | Hackmatack Playhouse

“...distinct, oddly endearing, hilarious, oddball."

- Jeanné McCartin | Portsmouth Herald

The Mystery of Edwin Drood | Hackmatack Playhouse

“Tom Morin as Neville Landless and Sara Packin as his twin Helena have two of the oddest characters, and yup they're up to the job; quirky and fun.

- Jeanné McCartin | Portsmouth Herald

Scapino! | Monomoy Theatre

“Both actors portray their characters well, with Morin earning laughs for Ottavio’s comical bubbly emptiness..."

- Kathleen Szmit | The Barnstable Patriot

“They let loose with riotous, inventive performances. Each actor develops a singular 'character' — yes, in quotes, because they are all characters in the most delightful and oddball ways."

- Debbie Foreman | Cape Cod Times

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum | Monomoy Theatre

“As Lycus, Tom Morin is a hoot, especially when he attempts to spare himself from punishment by pretending to be a leper, shouting 'Unclean! Unclean!' in a most unusual voice."

- Kathleen Szmit | The Barnstable Patriot

Guys and Dolls | Monomoy Theatre

“Kyle Metzger, Tom Morin and Casey Predovic also deserve kudos for their wonderful turns as Detroit’s gambling cohorts Nicely-Nicely Johnson, Benny Southstreet and Rusty Charlie. The combination of Metzger’s voice and Morin’s dim-wittedness is a riot."

- Kathleen Szmit | The Barnstable Patriot

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